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Martien and Joke Zoet

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Nice to meet you
« Dato: 22-09-2016, 20:09:00 »
Hey Busanister from  De Denmark,

Nice to meet you at this forum.
We're from Holland and keep checking this forum for ( international) meetings.
Like to meet you all one day in Denmark, wich is a nice ride from Holland.

Martien and Joke Zoet

Offline Rubberduck

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Sv: Nice to meet you
« Svar #1 Dato: 14-10-2016, 21:06:28 »
Hi guys
I surely hope we could meet one day. We try to attend some of the international meetings.

We are normally present at the big MC meetings in DK. Look in our calendar.

All the best

Rubber Duck

Robert Tastesen
Formand HOCD